cd promo, autoprod,.... non conform! ask photo please!!!

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cd promo, autoprod,.... non conform! ask photo please!!!

Message par Brice666 le Ven 17 Juin - 14:20

Update: 29/07/2017

10 petits indiens: la seine
1000scars: maximum retaliation
12 ton method: the art of no falling
4lyn : hello
7 th nemesis : violenta imperatrix mundi
a day called desire
a falling devotion: afd001 with videa
a traitor like judas: nightmares
Abandoned : thrash you
Aborted: strychnine.213
Accursed: seasons of the scythe
Acid death: 2015
Acid death: pieces of mankind
Acyl algebra: 2012
Addicted: recipe for the sick
Aeons: hegira
Akuma: under a killing moon
alch3my: unbreakable
Alghera: era
alice semerveille: ? (etoile moi)
an ocean of void: ? 2012
Angel blake: 2006
antalgia : twisted dreams of dark commander
Antherora: soulgrinder
Anti mondial: 16 groupes en rage contre la mondialisation
Apokalipstik: lycosia
approaching darkness: ruin
arachnes: parallel worlds
arson: promo2006

Ashcorn: visions for your instinct
Ashura: legacy of hatred
assaillant: wicked dream
asylum pyre: spirited away 20015
At all cost: circle of demons
atrocia: dystopia the machine murders
averysadstory: deep black throughts
Aviane: ashes and madness

Bad reputation: killers without a cause
Balrog: bestial, satanic terror
Bambix: club    matuchek
Barely breathing: relive the regret
Battleroar: to death and beyond
beastival: metalfest loreley 2013….
Between death n life triumphant
Beyond the ashes: 4 titres
beyond the hatred: tropaïon
Beyond the sixth seal: 2007
Black majesty: silent company
blackfinger: 30,01,2014
blatella germ VS ghoul detail: harsh music for hot nurses vol 4
Bleak angel: reborn
Blind town: scary, suffered and impure
Blindraft: doomsday
Bloody mary: cemetary songs
bordeline: 2006
boycott rec & sampler vol1
Breedmachine: renaissance
burning skies: creed. Filth.abuse. Corruption
burning skies: dessolation

Carnal lust: the hate complete
Chain reaction: vivoius circle
Charing cross: we are…
Chiraw: scarecrows & lullabies
Circle of hate: demo 1/07
Classwar: 3 titres
Clone: incorporated
Code: mut
Congiura: blood
Costa gravos: sick my duck
Crackmind: a rose may fly…
Crescent shield: the stars of never seen
Cryonicemply: immortal
Crystalic: watch us deteriorate
Cyclone empire: imperila metal vol 1

Dark covenant: eulogies for the fallen
Dark essence/ karisma records: sampler 2015
Dark sky: ampty faces
Darkwater: calling the earth to witness
Daturha: beyond the reason
Day eleven: sleepwalkers
dead cowboy’s sluts: obedience
Dead Samarian: the only good Samaritan…
Dead side: sous les cendres
Deliver us from evil: the official scarlet compilation 2004
Demians: building on empire
Desecration: inhuman
Detonation: an epic defiance
Detonation: emission phase
Detonation: portal to uphobia
Dirty dust: when fear envelops your spirit
Discloser: 2011
Disillusion: metal influences
Divine:decay: songs of the damned
Divinity: allegory
Do or die: the downfall of the human race
Dogma: sound therapy
Dollhouse: royal rendez vous
doppel ganger: memento moribund
Dreamscape: 5th season
Driven by hate: eight of spades
duel: deux titres in the bleak mindwinter/ cavatina
Duel: duel
dust bowl: in recoil

East trading wang: 2005
Edenshade: the paper days ep
Eisheilic: auf dem weg in deine welt
Ekortem: light the fire
Ellipsis: the grace decapited
Elvenking: the winter wake
Elvira Madigan: regentsie
Enemo j: ?
Erzebeth dans: an harbringer of horror
Escape from 21 st century: daire eyeswideopen
etia zero: the last of all sunsets

Evening call: 4 titres
Evil one: evil never dies
evolvent: whatever happens
Exil parade: hit the zoo
Extreme world: compilacion vol
Eyefear: a world full of grey
Eyefear: the unseen

face shift: reconcile
Faceless: soul destroyer
Faithless messiah: ghosts
Falconer: northwind

Farchon fist: 2008
Farthest theory: humans disasters
Fear my throughts: isolation
Feeding /stroll/“????”: split
Fifth reason: psychotic
Figure of six: aion
File 101: free & alive
Fire it up: ?
Five “o”: there is the name for everything
Flagtwister: someone else’s game
Flames of knowledge: grom
Flex: 1997
FOAD: the bringer of death
follow me: a story of…
Fony: circles
Forever slave: tales for bad girls
forgotten tomb: hurt yourself and the ones you love
Forgotten wisdom productions: cd sampler vol1
Forum fest: 5eme edition
Forum fest: 6eme edition
Fragments of unbecoming: sterling black icon
France sampler 2005
front 242: endless riddance
Future kings of spain: face I know

G.U.D: compilation nr18
Gae bolga: violent metalstorm
gemini five: sex drugs anarchy
Golgotha: elemental changes
Golgotha: new life
Gory blister: dat bleeds
goulamas’k: rabia e poesia en concert!
Grade9 records: metropolis sessions2007-2009
Grand lux: carved in stone
Grazed: dragonsneeze
Grenouer: computer crime
Grenouer: the odour o folly/gravehead
Groinchurn: whoami
gruuthaagy: two lessons in art of chaos
Gutworm: disfigurednarcissus
Gwen stacy: the llife I know

Hands of hate: when love decays
hard n heavy  vol40
hard n heavy 97 machine head….
hard rock sampler N°12
hard rock sampler N°13
hard rock sampler N°15
hard rock sampler N°17
hard rock sampler N°20
hard rock sampler N°21
hard rock sampler N°22
hard rock sampler N°23
hard rock sampler N°8
hard rock sampler N°9
Hass weg productions: compilation N°1
Haste the day: pressure the things
Hate teenage art: too late!
Hatesower: hum un perfection
Hellbound: din’t hear no bell
Heresy: knights of god
hold the crown: 3 titres
Holding sand: some things are better left unsaid
holy cross: 4 titres

holy maniac: massacre records noel 2004
holy maniac: treize records noel vol1
holy rec underclass blackmore’s night hiver 2006.7
holy rec underclass ete 2005
holy thunder vol1 ete 2006
hooded priest: devil worship reckoning
Horizon of events: media & solution
housebound: 4 titres cd orange avec une fourmie!
Human fate : prt 1 reissue
Human fortress : lord of earth and heavens heir
Hypnosis: shadoworld
Hypnosis: the synthetic light of hope

ibogoine: react
Idefi: in the light of a new day
Idensity: serenity
Idols for dinner: tenant of a declining world
If hope dies: life in ruin
Ignitions: the beast ignitions
Imperia: queen of light
In arcadia: eyes of the archetype
In other climes: the final threat
In slumber: scars incomplete
Inamba: 2008
incry: pandore
Infectious hate: insanity begins
infernal war: axiom
inflation!!: 5 titres
Insania: agony
instead of trying: breaking downfall
It bites: the tall ships

Jeaga: the table’s turned
Jesus on extasy: holy beauty
jupiter: Demo2005
just in time: so far away…

Kaizen: sink
Kaizen: supporting continual improvement
Karmic link: no light but racher darkness visibles
Kill twenty one: shoot on sight
Kivimetsan druidi: shadowheart
Klonosphere: free sampler compilation MMXII
Klonosphere: free sampler compilation MMXIII
kopper 8: 2013
Korum: no dominion
Kristy mac cool : electric landlady

Lagirun: sunlight scars
Last warning: throughout time
Legend : parlement
les chiens sales: mauvais garcons
Light pupil dilate: snake wine
Listenable records: ?
Lopsided: holda’s grace
Lopsided: microcosme
Lost eden: cycle repeats
Love hate hero: white lies
Luke fortini: the grand opus
Lux aeterna: beyond horizons

M.ILL.ION: thrill of the chase
Machinemadegod: masked
Madonagun: grovel at her feet
Maeder: 2007
magoa imperial: ?
Mahatma: perseverance
Maledicta: eruption from insides
Malefice: entities
Malevolence: martyrialized
Manngara: European cowards
Mc2: pyramides
Mc2: reponse a questions multiples
Mekaora : quelques milliards d’atomes
Memorial: in the absence of all things sacred
Mencea : dark matter energy noir
mercyless: pathetic divinity
metal explosion: volume16
metal explosion: volume19
metal explosion: volume7
metal explosion: volume8
Metallian store : metal trax N°1
metallian tracker2
metallian tracker3
metallian tracker4
metallian tracker8
Mind odyssey: time to change it
Mm project: eponyme
Modern funeral art: doom with a view
moloch & socialistic jonny goblet: “the end of this planet”
Mordeth: …in dust autochthounous….
Mortal form: taste the blood
Mother night: 2007
My imperium: amongst the ruins
My name is nobody: I hope you’re werll, I am and I send you my fingers
My silent wake: IV et lux perpetua

Natron: bedtime for mercy
nawak possse: 13
nawak possse: IX
Near death condition: evolving towards extinction
Near death condition: the disembodied in spiritual spheres
Necroverdose: off
nedera(?): the rising tide of oblivion
Nembience: through times of despair
nergard: a bit closer to heaven

Nh3: 2009
No more reason: catharsis
No name: le monde a l’envers
Nobody’s straight: utopique
noflag: lubrifist
None shall be saved: those days are gone

Octavia sperati: grace submerged
Odds: the attic
Oestre: la derniere renaissance
One burning match: ?
One more season: …deliverance
Opbsidian: now I’m no more shores of disillusion
Our theory: collapoverload: the imagery process

P o m : sleep walker
Pain control: subvert
Pain management: lobotomy
paris will not burn: from feather to stone
Pavillon 666: revelation underground vol11
Pavillon 666: revelation underground vol12
Pavillon 666: revelation underground vol13
Peaceville: 21 years of doom, death & darkness
Pendact: days of war
perfect bive sky: emerald
Phoenix mourning: when excuses become antiques
Pitch black mentality: the pitch black reality
plaines : les avions
Pollution: overheated
Postmortem: repulsion
Postmortem: the age of massmurder
Presumption: of the grave
Prime evil: evolution
Psychanoia: the shadows in me
Psychicold: das dritte auge
psychoïd : thrash test
Pure reason revolution: amor vincit omnia
Pure reason revolution: deus ex machina
purse snatcher : narrated by
Puzzle of skin: exit

Question d’humeur: jamais sans ma B…
Quintessence of versaforry: reveal the truth

Rage dedans: tempetes et trombours
Reclusion : shell of pain
Red square we come in waves : at the sonndawn
regurgitate: sickening bliss
Remedy records: hambourg
Resistance : a tale of decadence
Revengia: eraser
Revolution mother: glory bound
Ribozyme: blacklist mercy
Riefenstahl: instinct
rising forces n°1 decollage immediat (metallian sampler)
Ritual carnage: every never alive
Ritual carnage: the highest law
rock hard sampler166
rock hard sampler167
Rotten sound: drain
Rotten sound: still psycho
Ruindivision: collateral hope
run of lava: corrosion EP

Sandstone: tides of opinion
Sarkom: doomsday elite
Scars on Murmansk: into dead lihjts
Sceau de l’ange: phenomenes
Scorngrain: cyberwarmachine
Sekhmet: last stand
Senzafine: apex
Seremoni: gedanken zeremonie
seydr: every cloud has a silver lining
Shadowman : ghost in the mirror
shaolin: temple defenders

Shroud of spiders:?
Signum regis: 2008
Silentium: seducia
skid row: myenemy
Sleepytime gorilla museum:evidence
Slegest: loyndom
Small: ?
Smeti ducho: stain of in existence
Soley mourning: mambo country
Somniae status: echoes
soul betrayed: 2009
South impact: semper fidelis 2013
Spanking hour: revo(so)lution
Spencer hill: witnesses
Spyder baby: let us prey
States of the art: careless confessions
stigma diabolicum: demo 27 seititne
stilborn slave: your time is out
Submission: failure to perfection
Substans: becoming
Suicide general: le village des puissants
Suicide of demons : a new beginning
Sybreed: antaries

tagada jones: dissidente
Taine: cealata parte
Taine: decade of metal
Tank sampler: deadsun
Tankrust : beyond thresholds
Tao menizoo : 2007
Tarmac : 2001
Tears in vain: demo for demons which cruelly act
teeth, hair&skin: reed kunz
Tess: la confrerie
Textures: silhouettes
Thasing hazel: it’s all about the style and the glamour
the agony scene: get damned
the art of darkness: sampler2001 mortiis/ultraviolence
The buccaneer: in hell
the bullet kings: long time dead
the bullet kings: rebels without reason
The burden up: headnailer
The butcher’s ballroom: diablo swing orchestra
The destiny program subversive blueprint
The Durango riot: telemission
The foresh dowing: days of nothing
The grieving process assimilated deformation
the last embrace: aerial
the last embrace: inside
The outsight: all and naught
The red chord: clients
The red chord: prey for eyes
The resistance: scars
The showdown: temptation come my way
The sound ex: palomino
The spindle sect : is your planet safe ?
The undead family: en el silencio
Third eye: land of compromise
Thirteenth sign: csk386
throne of molok: nova diabolica resi
Thy bleedings skies: autumn souls
timeless duality: criaturaid/agorphos
tony milk: over my dead body
too pure to die: confidence and consequences
Toshes: the mask we wear
towards end rapture: of genius and madmen
Treason: lambs to the slaughter
Tribe after tribe: M.O.A.B stories from Deuteronomy
tribe: rebirth
Tristitia: garden of darkness
trophallaxy: dawnfall
Twilight guardians: wasteland

ubik : dehumanize bastard earth
Undergang: hang on
Underground rising: compil vol1
Underground series: 1
Underschool element: 2001
Undertow: milgram
Unearth: III: in the eyes of fire
unearth: the oncoming storm
Union mac: lost in attraction
Unlimited zome: ?
Unseelie: unholy light
Unsud: interstitium
unswabbed: ?
unswabbed: 2006
Unusual day: the survival
Uphill battle : wreck of nerves

vader: the beast
Vae victis IV
Violet Gibson: American circus
Visions of atlantis: trinity
Visitor: the need to believe
Vitals exsequiae: a short lived hope
Vittorio vandelli: a day of warm rain in heaven
voivod: katorz
Voyager: univers

Wako: deconstructive essence

warseider: paradigms lost
weapons of self destruction vol2
where eagles dare: ocean of bloob
wolfpack unleashed: anthens of resistance
woodbridge: the fire inside
worthless god: industrial development

x-vision: time of the new slavery

YO EL REY: 2013
Yorblind: melancholy souls
yorblind: blind but alive

Zan’ji: escape
ZEROIN: the death of a man called Icarus
zorglüb: from the dust
zul eI: golpe de la aguja

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Re: cd promo, autoprod,.... non conform! ask photo please!!!

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update 07/2017


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